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Prathyasha Movement is an initiative of Charity World head quartered at Jimmy Padanilam Centre, Cheeranchira, Changanacherry, Kottayam District, Kerala, India. It is basically a non party People’s Movement at grass root level formed for the purpose of solving various burning problems faced by people by the orginesed power of people themselves at the Panchayath (local government) / grass root level. The initiative for such a movement came mainly from Fr. Sebastian Punnasseril, a visionary, charismatic leader. Within the short span of 3 years of its existence it has made deep in roads into society.A few of the milestones are


.A well equipped office cum training centre at Jimmy Padanilam Centre.


.A thrice award winning powerful , secular and well accepted Community Radio

  Station(90.8) at “Radio Media Village”, Changanacherry.


.A Mobile Health Clinic which serves the health needs of the locality around.


.Organizing seminars and discussions on various socio-economic problems faced

  by the society at large under the initiative of “Radio Media Village”.


.Organized people in 75 Panchayaths (local government areas) and collected a

  sum of Rs 16 crores to save the lives of 105 kidney and liver patients.

  While 2 Lakhs of volunteers participated in the movement. 25 Lakhs got the

  experience of  contributing funds for a noble cause.


.One positive impact of the movement was socio, political harmony, unity created

  among the people of 75 Panchayaths (local governments) in Kerala. Plans are

  afoot to help poor and needy people in other Panchayaths too.


.We give vocational training to 25 differently abled youth at Jimmy Padanilam



.We give daily lunch to 200 patients at free of cost through the Annadhanam

  Programme in General Hospital, Changanacherry.